About Rajiv Chopra

Rajiv Chopra

I started my journey in photography by shooting in black & white. I started shooting people in the street, as well as landscapes, travel and nature. I started shooting with film, using my Olympus OM-2n. This was my mainstay. Somewhere along the journey, I quit photography, and resumed when I moved to China. You could say that China is the land where my journey in photography was reborn.

At this time, I moved to the Nikon system, and bought the Nikon F75. Digital entered my life, with the Nikon D70 and the Nikon D200. Digital photography is a pain in the butt in one sense – new models are launched all the time! Recently, I bought the Nikon D810. Possibly, I will buy the Nikon D850 (or, its successor) and the Fuji XT system in the coming times. I want the Fuji for street photography.

What’s been added? Some old, old medium format (120 mm) film cameras – one dating to 1933, and two pinhole cameras. I am also looking at the new Lomography camera as well – the one where you can use liquid in the lens container.

In many ways, you can say that I have come full circle. I am going back to my roots, as it were. While I intend to shoot portraits in colour (my brain works best in colour for portraits), I will shoot landscapes, nature, street and travel largely in black & white.

Most of my photography effort will be increasingly directed towards “fine art black & white photography”.

For the Joy of Black & White, as they say!

The business will be directed towards the sale of monographs, prints, and tutorials. That will follow later….

For now, let’s experience the joy.

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